Classics of tango in a not so classic way

🎵 Listen our second album!🎵 Listen our second album!

Cuché tango próximo show 13/12/2020 TRAVEL POP UP (ONLINE FESTIVAL)


Cuché tango is an Argentinian duo formed by Aldana Lezcano (guitarist and singer) and Gustavo García (saxophonist) that has honored the great tango classics at festivals, milongas and different scenarios of Albania, Argentina, Bulgaria, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.

And today continues breaking frontiers, representing this traditional Argentine genre around the world.

Listen our second album «El Abrazo Itinerante»:

Our interview in the public television channel «Radio Televizija Republike Srpske» (PTPC) of Republic Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina).